There is very little literature on the problem of CBD packaging and polymer interaction. Because of the complex nature of both systems and the interaction of CBD products with them, there are a variety of physical and biochemical interactions that occur after contact. This is especially true for the long-term storage of CBD products in CBD boxes.

The main physicochemical methods used by polymers to address this problem are thermodynamics and mass transport. The main action of media, which is a mixture of water and fat as the main component, is in their penetration into the polymer material and weakening of bonds between the macromolecules.

The diffusion-activated mechanism is used to transport CBD’s mass. Transporting the low molecular mass and algometric bond in polymers is dependent on the structure of the polymer and its environment. These factors include the hardness and polarity of the polymer chains and the presence of free meshes in the polymers. Product quality changes when polymeric (stabilizers and polifiers) are used. It is possible to observe the material losing its exploitation characteristics.

Choice of Packaging Materials

Each packaging system and CBD will have its own attachment. The packaging material chosen depends on the product’s composition, storage conditions, and time. A skilled and qualified hanging is needed.

High amounts of fats (e.g. Chips contain up to 10% fat. Vitamins and air humidity are important for maintaining efficiency. Packaging must not permit foreign flavors to penetrate processes with particular odors. It is possible, based on the product’s biochemical composition, to establish the requirements and choose the packaging material.

It is important to remember that complex biochemical processes can occur in products during storage. This includes interactions between packaging, environment, and product.

It is important to consider the vulnerability of different environments when packaging CBD products.

  • The light
  • Scents

We can calculate the time that the product should be kept in the packaging based on its vulnerability. You can analyze the interaction of the CBD products with their environment by containing components from the outside, the inside, and the CBD product.

If the CBD product comes into contact with the environment within the package, its content will depend on both the storage conditions and the environment with which it interacts. The packaging material’s qualities determine the quality of the CBD product. It is possible to create the ideal conditions for storage by either creating a vacuum or creating a regular or modified environment in the package.

The following criteria are used to determine the packaging choice:

  • The biochemical content of the packaged products
  • Storage conditions
  • The properties of the packaging material
  • Kinetic changes in product or packaging quality

For packaging materials that have direct contact with CBD, one of the most important requirements is physiological purity. By physiological purity, we mean that there is no way for the CBD product to be absorbed from the packaging material. These elements can cause changes in the taste and color of the product as well as adverse effects on the body’s activity. These harmful foreign substances can include dyes, emulsifiers, and other auxiliary parts.

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