The Wigo Moist or Dry flat iron is a single of the ideal on the market place – specifically in its value variety. philips gc181 heavy weight 1000 watt dry iron like using these kinds flat iron as it avoids the need to very first blow dry hair, which will save occasions and minimizes heat damage to hair. Nevertheless, numerous get disappointed with the outcomes they achieve. Significantly from seeking ‘salon’ perfect, hair can often search frizzy, dry and significantly from clean. Below are some suggestions to help you get that salon look.

What follows applies to any type of wet to dry flat iron – not just the Wigo 2″ Moist or Dry ceramic iron. You can achieve the identical final results if you use a Corioliss or T3 Tourmaline Wet-to-Dry flat iron. All are wonderful instruments and will give you that sleek, shiny, flat search if used correctly.

1. A lot of flat iron reviews will inform that that such and this kind of product will not likely harm your hair. Properly, allow me notify you, all irons use high temperature to your hair and higher temperature damages hair, no issue how very good or pricey the flat iron is. When making use of one particular, you have to safeguard and mend your hair from warmth damage. You can buy a low-cost hair straightener but you need to commit a minor little bit additional on shampoo and conditioner. Manufacturers like Matrix Biolage For Remedy or GHD Nurture Shampoo value a small little bit far more, but it is cash nicely invested. They help defend hair from heat and aid fix break up finishes.

two. Right after thoroughly washing your hair you ought to gently towel dry it. Apply a balm to aid minimize friction and stop split finishes or hair breakages – Redken AntiSnap Leavin is an excellent product.

3. In purchase to get straight hair you need to use a straightening balm. Once more, use a excellent good quality balm or serum like AG Established It Straightening Balm, Kenra Straightening Serum or Frederic Fekkai Straight Absent Straightening Balm.

4. This is optional if you currently have shiny hair then you can overlook out this phase. Even so, if your hair lacks a organic shine you must use some sleek serum such as Matrix Modern Appear sealing serum. You must only apply it to the finishes of your hair as the natural oils of the hair lessen further absent from the scalp.

five. Now, down to business. Part your hair into three levels at the sides and four at the back and operate the Wigo flat iron via every part. Start off with the bottom layer and work your way up to the best. Run the iron slowly and gradually but steadily never stop on any one area of hair as you danger burning your hair in that location. Straightening the back again of your hair can be tough. It may help to situation a mirror at the again so you can see what you might be carrying out.

6. Once accomplished you should not implement any even more oils, gels or what not as doing so will only make your hair greasy and will make it pick up filth much more speedily thereby shortening the length of time your hair will remain straight.

7. Bear in mind, using an iron damages hair. If you use your iron a good deal you need to implement a deep conditioning therapy two times a week.

By following the earlier mentioned tips and with a little persistence utilizing your Wigo Damp or Dry flat iron will be easy and you ought to get that perfect, smooth, shiny salon appear every time.

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