Indian Army Favourite SPORT UTILITY VEHICLE (SUV) The Nissan Patrol sixty

In the sixties the Indian Army was looking for a rugged motor vehicle for use in the mountain areas of the Himalayas. The Chinese assault experienced made it critical that the Military necessary a vehicle to negotiate the Himalayan Mountain ranges and filth tracks that abounded in that location. The Indian Military last but not least soon after needed trials chose the Nissan P-60. This was an SUV and was manufactered at the Indian Heavy Vehicles factory at Jabalpur. It was christened as the ‘Jonga’. The car derived its title from the acronym for Jabalpur Ordnance and Guncarriage Assembly.

Join Indian Army of the Jonga

The Jonga gave outstanding services to the Indian Army. Later it was also used by the Navy and the Air Drive as properly. The Air Force law enforcement also employed the Jonga and after stripping it down, utilised it for piloting obligations. The Jonga was a actual military automobile and folks who have driven it will vouchsafe for its reliability and maneuverability. The motor vehicle was modified by the military and set to use as an ambulance, signal car, troop carrier and commanding officers car.

The motor vehicle had an gain of high floor clearance and thus could easily traverse cross-place and also transfer with ease in spots exactly where there ended up no roads. Its 4×4 variation negotiated the substantial Himalayan ranges with ease. The Jonga supported a six cylinder engine that devolved 110hp, which gave it enough electricity for its tasks.

Phasing Out of The Jonga

Generation of the Jonga continued until 1999 when it was changed with the Mahindra jeep. The unique Jonga experienced a three velocity equipment box, but it was really delicate to manage. The military geared up their infantry models with the Jonga and it also served in multifarious roles.

The Jonga also served in the deserts of Rajasthan, exactly where it was painted in Khaki shade. Its motor despite the intensive temperatures of the desert never ever heated up. The Jonga with its olive-green paint was a strike in the forests of Assam and performed a considerable part in the attack on East Pakistan in a logistic role. Even so no AC edition of the Jonga appeared. The Jonga is now phased out, but numerous a support officer will nevertheless like to very own 1 of these rugged devices, which can now only be bought at Military auctions of Class E Vehicles. These are cars that are phased out as getting outside of cost-effective fix. The Jonga surely remaining its mark behind as a rugged and reliable SUV.

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