Do you like to surf? If you do then you might want to try a different type of surfing, the only difference this time would be instead of big waves of water, you’d be riding on big waves of surreal stimulations and unimaginable pleasure. Enjoy the wavy sensations of the new Tenga surfer egg, designed to get you surfing on the waves of delicious stimulations as you cruise to a mind-blowing orgasm. The surfer egg sleeve boasts a thicker and firmer elastomer than other Tenga Eggs; which gives it added texture and greater tightness. is also very stretchy and can stretch to accommodate lengths of up to 12 inches and girths of 8 inches, the inside is covered with lots of textures shaped in the form of waves, and these wavy nodules will glide and slide over your entire cock; stroking and massaging every corner and angle until you are ready to pop. The egg also comes supplied with a special Tenga hard gel lube for maximum results, that’s because Tenga knows how to take care of its own. This Japanese male masturbator is made from delicate material and is designed as a disposable item; but with careful handling and plenty of lube, your Tenga egg will serve you more than just once. Do not over-stretch or prick with your nails to avoid ripping or tear, and remember to pinch the tip of your Tenga Egg the same way you would a condom before you place it on the penis. Take your surfing games away from the sea and straight into your bedroom, whether for solo games or with your partner, you are guaranteed a wavy surf on the wings of pleasure.

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